Neutropolis Code of Conduct

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Neutropolis Code of Conduct

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In general, many of these rules apply to both the forum and the game. Where there is any confusion, the ruling of the Moderators, Administrators and Owners takes precedence.

Note: Griefing is nothing more than a minor annoyance for us. With regular backups and block logging/rollback, we can efficiently remove your mark from our world. If you think you are causing us a major headache, think again. Why not save yourself the time and go somewhere else?

Abuse of ! to send all of your messages as shouts will result in punishment.

Griefing... Destroying another player's structure… Even ONE block, outside of the battlefield, is considered griefing. Be warned, we will take action against griefers. Minor offences will earn you jail time. Major offences? Temporary or permanent bans.

Spamming… Obviously, will get you muted. Repeated spamming will earn you jail time, temporary bans, or even permanent bans. This also includes fast connect/reconnects… Just don't do it!

Racism… We have very little tolerance for this… Depending on the offence, expect to be temp or perm banned. You've been warned. Racist symbols created in the world will earn you a rollback and perm ban.

Profanity… We aren't prudes… some profanity is just fine… But if you get out of hand, you will be warned, muted, jailed, and ultimately temp/perm banned. Profanity directed at other players will definitely not be tolerated!

Disrespect towards other players and staff… Treat people with respect, and there will be no problems. Using any method to grief another player in a Non-PVP area will result in appropriate punishment… This includes dropping lava/water on them or their structures, dropping sand/gravel on them, etc. Disrespecting a staff member will not be tolerated… be prepared to face the consequences!

PVP... In PVP areas, some of the previous rules don't apply. You CAN destroy other player's structures. You CAN drop blocks/water on them. You CAN kill them! You CAN build structures that will kill people in the battlefields… In fact, you are encouraged to be creative in your methods! Now, with that in mind, the other rules still apply… No spamming, no racism, etc.

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